Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling Car in Europe for September, Ousting Most Popular ICE Models

Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling Car in Europe for September, Ousting Most Popular ICE Models

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Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car in Europe in September, surpassing sales of even the most popular cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) there for the first time. These results confirm that Elon Musk's plan is becoming a reality and that electric vehicles will soon replace cars that pollute the environment with their exhaust gases.

Europe is leading the world in the speed of the transition from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles. Over the past three years, local residents have bought hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles. Despite the fact that local manufacturers produce many different models of electric vehicles, only Tesla was able to offer something that really interested European customers. With the release of the Model 3, they garnered a lot of attention because they created it with the perfect combination of performance and cost.

In 2.5 years, Model 3 conquered many hearts and was the best-selling electric car, but the sedan reached even more significant heights. In September 2021, it became the best-selling car model in Europe, surpassing sales of even the most popular ICE models. According to Jato Dynamics, Tesla registered 24,591 Model 3s and had a 2.6% share of the automotive market. This was the first time in history when the sales of an EV model surpassed the sales of any ICE model. In addition, for the first time, a foreign manufacturer's car is the best-selling one in Europe.

Tesla Model Y, which went on sale in Europe in August, has also already done well and is ranked second in the electric car rankings. Third place is taken by VW ID.3. With combined Model 3 and Model Y sales, Tesla leads the electric vehicle market with a 24% share. Thus, selling only two car models, the American manufacturer is already ahead of Volkswagen, Stellantis (including Citroën, Peugeot, Opel, Fiat Chrysler), Hyundai-Kia, each of which offers a wide range of EV models.

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