Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in France in 1H 2021, 5th in All Car Types

Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in France in 1H 2021, 5th in All Car Types

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While sales of new combustion engine vehicles in France are falling, electric models continue to gain in popularity. The main growth success of the EV segment belongs to Tesla Model 3, which became the most popular car in the first half of 2021, far ahead of the local Renault Zoé and Peugeot e-208.

Throughout 2021, Tesla Model 3 has shone brilliantly in the French market, reaching new records. In June, its sales exceeded all expectations and 5,001 units were registered, according to AAA Data Reports Capital. This earned it a victory in the BEV market with a whopping 1,652 units ahead of its closest competitor, Renault Zoé, which sold 3,349 units. Model 3 also won in the PHEV market, beating Peugeot 3008 with 4,743 registrations.

Such a strong result in June added a solid number of vehicles to those sold in the first five months of 2021. Thus, the total number of Model 3s sold in the first half of the year was 13,084 units. This brings the model to first place in the EV market in 2021. Tesla Model 3 also achieved another victory, becoming the fifth best-selling car of all types in France for the first six months of the year.

Given the general trend, it can be assumed that Tesla sales in France will continue to grow. With the start of production at the company's factory in Germany, the European market will begin to flood with Model Ys and other models of the company--which, because they are manufactured nearby, would also be more affordable than now.

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