Tesla Model 3 Becomes Denmark’s Best-Selling EV, 1st Half 2020

by Eva Fox July 20, 2020

Tesla Model 3 Becomes Denmark’s Best-Selling EV, 1st Half 2020

Featured image: Teknikens Varld

Denmark continues to show interest in electric vehicles, as evidenced by recent sales. Tesla Model 3 led the charge for sales in June and the first half of 2020.

In the first six months of 2020, the Danes purchased 3,715 all-electric vehicles. This reflects an increase of 43.5% over the same period last year. Tesla Model 3 occupies the largest share among all-electric vehicles, selling 1,431 units for the given period. Its closest competitor, VW e-Golf, sold 555 units, representing just about a third of the Model 3's sales volume. Hyundai Kona Electric closes out the Top 3 with 315 sales in those six months.

Sales of gasoline and diesel cars were hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, while interest in electric vehicles continued to grow steadily. This is natural, says Martin Messer Thomsen, spokesman for the FDEL Electric Vehicle Association (Forenede Danske Elbilister).

“The demand for electric cars is greater than the supply and there are waiting lists. So the car manufacturers have been able to sell everything that they have been able to deliver home," he says.

Mads Rørvig, CEO of De Danske Bilimportører, also sees positive rates. "Electric cars have performed well through the worst months of the crisis, and sales for June give hope that we will soon return to the good development we experienced in the first quarter of 2020. With the acceleration of even more public funds for charging infrastructure, it will only easier to be an electric car owner, and we, therefore, hope that even more will jump on the green bandwagon," he says.

In June, sales of electric vehicles were mainly represented by Tesla vehicles. About half of all EVs sold were by the California manufacturer. Of the 830 vehicles, 376 were Tesla Model 3, 15 Model X, and 14 Model S.

Despite the fact that the leaderboard is constantly changing by month, the true leader over time yields a clearer picture. Model 3 is the absolute leader and, at the moment, untouchable by competitors.

Soon, Giga Berlin will begin production of the Model Y, a compact electric SUV that will undoubtedly be extremely popular in countries such as Denmark. It will be the next model to hit the world automotive markets by storm.

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