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Tesla Model 3 in Shanghai Nearly Doubles Combined Sales of Next 4 Best-Selling NEVs ROEWE BYD NIO XPENG in November

Tesla Model 3 in Shanghai Nearly Doubles Combined Sales of Next 4 Best-Selling NEVs ROEWE BYD NIO XPENG in November

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Tesla continues to record sales growth in China, and 21,604 Giga Shanghai-made Model 3s were sold in November. Shanghai continues to have the highest demand for Model 3 than in any other city in China. More than a third of all vehicles sold in China in November were registered there, and Model 3 became the best-selling New Energy Vehicle (NEV) in Shanghai.

Retail sales of vehicles powered by new energy sources in Shanghai in November increased by 14,000 units compared to October—or 140%. The main driver of growth is Tesla Model 3, which recorded 6,846 sales, five times more than its closest competitor, the ROEWE eRX5, with 1,358 sales. In third place is BYD Han with 1,336 units. NIO ES6 sold 426, and XPENG P7 378 units, which brings them to fourth and fifth places. The number of competitors' car sales is negligible compared to Tesla, as Model 3 alone sold almost double the combined sales of these four next competing models.

The share of Tesla Model 3 rose from 21.6% in October to 28.3% in November. This was a major contribution to the growth of the entire Shanghai NEV market. In 2020, Tesla sold a whopping number of cars in the city. According to sales figures, 25,924 Model 3s were registered in Shanghai from January to November.

Giga Shanghai continues to ramp up production, delivering more China-made Model 3s every month. Since December is the most active month in terms of sales for Tesla, it should be expected that, by the end of the year, sales of Model 3 in Shanghai will grow even more, becoming the largest market—among all cities in the world—for Tesla.

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