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SpaceX is Hiring at the West Coast Launch Site 'for increased launch cadence'

SpaceX is Hiring at the West Coast Launch Site 'for increased launch cadence'

SpaceX is a leader in the aerospace industry. The company has a fleet of reusable Falcon 9 rockets that have significantly reduced the cost of spaceflight and enabled SpaceX to conduct more missions in 2020 than ever before. SpaceX conducted 25 rocket launches this year –the most annual launches it has performed in history. Rocket reusability has played a significant role in SpaceX’s record-breaking launch manifest. The Falcon 9 rocket is capable of launching payload to orbit and returning from space to land vertically on landing pads and autonomous droneships at sea. To date, SpaceX has landed 69 orbital-class Falcon 9 boosters and reused 48.

Out of the 25 missions performed this year, 14 launches have been internal SpaceX missions to deploy Starlink satellites for the it’s broadband internet network in low Earth orbit. Starlink missions are deployed atop previously-flown, refurbished Falcon 9 rockets. The rest of the launches performed this year were commercial satellite deployments and missions for NASA. The most important missions SpaceX performed this year are the Demo-2 and Crew-1 missions for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program that deployed the first astronauts atop a Falcon 9 rocket aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. SpaceX ignited a new era of American human spaceflight.

The missions performed this year were launched from Florida's coast; Out of 25 missions, only one was launched from the West Coast’s Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the rest lifted off from launchpads located at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Next year, SpaceX is expected to perform even more launches. Aside from deploying payload for its commercial customers, in 2021 SpaceX aims speed-up the deployment of Starlink satellites to provide internet globally, and is also scheduled to launch multiple crewed flights to the Space Station. This week, SpaceX’s Manager of Falcon 9 operations Steven Cameron announced the ‘West Coast Launch and Landing site is expanding significantly’ and the company is seeking to hire at the Vandenberg Air Force Base. –“Our team is staffing up for increased launch cadence. Let's get in touch. SpaceX West Coast Launch and Landing site is expanding significantly. We will be releasing more roles soon,” he wrote in a Facebook announcement. “My team's focus is on Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering and Technician roles for Falcon 9. Are you experienced with generating process planning/tech data? Getting the parts in capable hands? Forecasting? Interpreting tech data? Wrenching on complex machines? Solving problems? Let's launch and refurbish rockets together!” he said. You can apply to work at SpaceX via the company’s website: https://www.spacex.com/careers/



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