Tesla Model 3 in September Becomes #2 Best-Selling Car in Germany—Homeland of VW, BMW & Mercedes

Tesla Model 3 in September Becomes #2 Best-Selling Car in Germany—Homeland of VW, BMW & Mercedes

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The Tesla Model 3 became the second best-selling vehicle in Germany in September 2021, selling only a few units fewer than the first-place winner. Tesla achieved what was beyond the reach of any American automaker—it became mega-popular and surpassed a number of German cars, in the homeland of VW, BMW, and Mercedes.

Tesla Model 3 just entered Germany's top best-selling vehicles in September 2021—out of all propulsion types. An impressive 6,828 units were sold over the past month. That's just 58 cars fewer than the top-seller. In first place is VW Golf with 6,886, which was the most popular among the Germans. It is noteworthy that the relatively new model of the car, Model 3, was able to firmly grab the attention and love of a nation that is traditionally loyal to its car brands.

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German manufacturers have been producing some of the finest quality and most attractive gasoline vehicles for decades. However, when it came to the production of electric vehicles, none of them was able to react quickly and develop a quality EV. It cost them dearly as consumers chose Tesla, which is the best value-for-money electric vehicle on the market. Although Tesla sales in Germany are directly related to the month of the quarter, this will soon change. As soon as Giga Berlin starts mass production, cars will become even more affordable to purchase in any month and at a better price. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the country's car market and the shift towards Tesla vehicles will become even more pronounced.

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