Tesla Model 3 Became the #4 Best-Selling Car in Australia for August, Beating Toyota Camry & Corolla

Tesla Model 3 Became the #4 Best-Selling Car in Australia for August, Beating Toyota Camry & Corolla
Tesla Model 3 became the fourth best-selling car in Australia in August, surpassing Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla. Tesla Model Y became the best-selling compact SUV for over $60,000. Selling just two models, Tesla became the seventh best-selling brand in the country last month.

Since the end of July and all of August, we have seen Tesla's active deliveries to Australia. Although not all cars that arrived in the country were registered in August, this largely filled a gap left by the shutdown of production at Giga Shanghai in the spring. In addition, the number sold was enough for Tesla to achieve several new records.

Data provided by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) (via The Driven) shows Tesla Model 3 ranked fourth in new car sales in Australia in August. In the past month, 2,380 units have been delivered to customers, putting the car in the big leagues to compete with Australia's popular petrol dinosaurs. Model 3 was surpassed by Toyota Hi-Lux with 6,214 sales, in first place; Ford Ranger with 4,497 sales took second; and Toyota RAV4 with 2,482 sales came in third.

1 Toyota Hi-Lux 6,214
2 Ford Ranger 4,497
3 Toyota RAV4 2,482
4 Tesla Model 3 2,380
5 Toyota Land Cruiser 2,379
6 Mazda CX-5 2,325
7 Toyota Corolla 2,115
8 Mitsubishi Triton 2,087
9  Hyundai i30 1,975
10 Isuzu Ute D-Max 1,928

It is noteworthy that the top three sales are two pickups and one SUV. This means that Tesla Model 3 has become Australia's best-selling medium passenger car. The American manufacturer's electric car beat the super-popular in Australia Toyota Camry, which took second place with 1,184 sales. Overall figures for the year show that Model 3 is in a strong fight and has a chance of overtaking the Camry in sales for 2022. In eight months of this year, Toyota sold 7,410 Camrys, while Model 3 sales totaled 7,037 units. In addition, Model 3 is the only electric vehicle in the top 10.

Medium passenger car sales, August 2022

1 Tesla Model 3 2,380
2 Toyota Camry 1,184
3 Mercedes-Benz C-Class  306

In August, Tesla began shipping Model Y to Australia. Last month 1,017 units were sold, which has had a significant impact on the SUV market. In the overall standings of medium passenger SUVs, Model Y took sixth place. However, in the premium segment, where cars cost more than $60,000, Model Y took first place.

With strong sales of only two models, Tesla entered the top 10 best-selling car brands in Australia for the first time. The American manufacturer took seventh place on the list, overtaking Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen, and taking 5% of the market share.

Auto car sales by brand, year-to-date August 2022

1 Toyota 26,919 19.10%
2 Kia 23,149 16.50%
3 Hyundai 18,021 12.80%
4 Mazda 11,518 8.20%
5 MG 10,189 7.20%
6 Suzuki 8,251 5.90%
7 Tesla 7,037 5%
8 Mercedes-Benz 6,818 4.80%
9 BMW 6,101 4.30%
10 Volkswagen 4,234 3.00%


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