Tesla Receives €50M Order from German Car Subscription Provider Fleetpool

by Eva Fox September 06, 2022

Tesla Receives €50M Order from German Car Subscription Provider Fleetpool

Photo: Fleetpool

Tesla has received another big, €50 million order from German car subscription provider Fleetpool. The company will purchase Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla, and offer the vehicles to both corporate and private customers.

Fleetpool, which provides car subscription services, is one of Tesla's biggest customers in Germany. The Cologne-based company announced that its total order volume for the current year has exceeded €50 million, according to a press release. The service said the share of electric vehicles within Fleetpool has already risen to more than 30%. In addition, the company said it plans to invest about €400 million in electric vehicles by 2023, although it did not disclose details of which brands the cars will come from. However, we can safely assume that some of them will definitely be from Tesla.

Under its own brands such as 2drive, eazycars, and dbb autoabo, Fleetpool offers fully electric Tesla models to both corporate and private customers. The company's customers can choose between Model 3 and Model Y, which is now made in Germany.

Fleetpool CEO Gert Schaub said:

“The €50 million, we have invested in new Tesla vehicles in the first eight months of 2022 alone, shows how successful a car subscription can be in promoting electric mobility. It is also proof of how the automotive business is changing. New drives and new market entrants are finding it easier to market with Fleetpool as our flexible digital sales channels meet today's customer requirements. Since reducing the environmental impact of cars is also a top priority for us, we plan to purchase electric vehicles for a total amount of around €400 million by 2023.”

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