Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Top Segment Sales in California for Q1-Q3 2020, Model 3 Outsells BMW 3-Series by 4x+

Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Top Segment Sales in California for Q1-Q3 2020, Model 3 Outsells BMW 3-Series by 4x+

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Tesla Model Y entered the US market only about seven months ago, yet it is already very popular. For the first three quarters of 2020, Model Y became the best-selling luxury compact SUV in California--further demonstrating that electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

California is home to Tesla's Fremont factory, and lovingly accepts all car models produced by the company. This was no exception for the stunning Model Y. The combination of performance, range, and price makes it so compelling that it rivals even combustion-powered cars, ranking first in the luxury compact SUV category.

According to the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), Tesla registered 9,136 Model Ys, which accounted for 16.2% of the category. After the electric vehicle came the Lexus LX, taking second place with 8,392 sales. BMW X3 took the third place slot with 6,612 units, Mercedes GLS-Class came in fourth with 6,239 units, and Audi Q5 closed out the top five with 5,280 registrations.

Source: CNCDA

The same applies to Tesla's most popular model, Model 3, which became the top-selling vehicle in California (including gas-powered cars) during the same period in the Near Luxury category, registering 31,548 vehicles. The share of Model 3 in the California market in this category is a whopping 43.8%. Electric vehicle sales in the segment are so impressive that the competition lags very far behind. The second place is occupied by the BMW 3-series with only 7,336 registrations (less than a fourth of Model 3). In the overall ranking, regardless of the segment and engine type, Model 3 ranks sixth.

Source: CNCDA

While the California market as a whole is experiencing a slight decline, Tesla's market share continues to grow at 4.2%, up from 3.8% recorded a year ago over the same period.

Source: CNCDA

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