Tesla Model 3 Wins Car of the Year in Parkers New Car Awards 2020


The Tesla Model 3 was labeled Car of the Year 2020 by Parkers, a UK website that gives essential car-related advice to people buying and selling vehicles. The Model 3 took home three other honorary titles from Parkers New Car Awards 2020: namely, Best Electric Car, Best Company Car, and Best Safety awards.

According to the Parkers page that lists all the 2020 winners, the Tesla Model 3 is the only car to date that has won multiple awards in different categories in the same year, making its new title as Car of the Year a well-deserved one. It is also the first electric car to win the award, reported The Independent

Keith Adams, the editor of Parkers, spoke with the UK-based publication about the vehicle. "The Tesla Model 3 isn't just a good electric car. It is a good car full stop," he said. 

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Parkers seems to have given the Model 3 its crown due to its interior, autonomous driving tech, and the fact that it is fueled with renewable energy. 

The UK-based website also seemed impressed by the sustainable lifestyle Tesla's affordable car promotes. Parkers describes Tesla's investments in sustainable tech—among which are its Superchargers, Powerwall home batteries, and solar panels—as an ecosystem that can really help minimize the damage our environment has endured. 

Tesla's sustainable ecosystem and the Model 3's price and range may be why Parkers awarded the Best Electric Car and Best Company Car 2020 moniker to the vehicle as well. Besides its affordable price and long range, the Tesla Model 3's Autopilot system makes driving a bit safer for those inside it. According to Parkers, the mid-sized sedan created new benchmarks in crash-safety tests due to its robust build and restraint systems, which is probably the reason it also won the Best Safety award.


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Surprisingly, Parkers did not give the Model 3 the Best Tech Innovation award, despite crediting Tesla's Autopilot system with its Best Safety title. BP Chargemaster's rapid charge network won Best Tech Innovation for trying to make electric car charging more convenient and, more importantly, accessible to those with electric vehicles.

Even though Tesla is not affiliated with BP Chargemaster, the electric car company has been credited for disrupting the automotive industry and forging the path for mainstream electric vehicles. Parkers seems to agree with this sentiment and is excited to see Tesla's impact on the future of all things cars.

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