Tesla Model 3 Conquers Italy, Becoming Best-Selling BEV in March

Tesla Model 3 Conquers Italy, Becoming Best-Selling BEV in March

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Tesla Model 3 in March 2021 shone brightly in the European market by becoming the best-selling EV in many countries. This time, the impressive Model 3 conquers Italy, becoming the best-selling BEV last month.

In March 2021, the number of EVs grew significantly, reaching an all-time high of 15,011 units in one month and increasing to 30,000 in one quarter. In March, 7,362 battery-electric vehicles (BEV) were registered, which corresponds to a whopping 695% YoY growth from 926 registrations in March 2020.

Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling BEV again, registering a record number of vehicles of 1,363 units. The closest competitor to the Model 3, the Italian Fiat 500e, was able to sell 1,056 units in its home country, which earns it second place. The diminutive Smart ForTwo registered 759 units and took an honorable third place. Newcomer Renault Twingo ZE with 738 registrations takes fourth place, while the Renault Zoe closes out the Top 5 with 721 units sold.

Source: CleanTechnica

Thus, thanks to strong March sales, Tesla Model 3 also entered the Top 3 best-selling BEV models in Q1 2021. First place was taken by the Fiat 500e, the second place by Smart ForTwo, and third place by Tesla Model 3.

Source: CleanTechnica, Motus

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