Tesla Model 3 Dominates June 2020 Global EV Sales With 3.4X 2nd Place Sales & 11.5X of 3rd

by Eva Fox August 03, 2020

Tesla Model 3 Dominates June 2020 Global EV Sales With 3.4X 2nd Place Sales & 11.5X of 3rd

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Tesla Model 3 became the best selling EV in global sales in June. Sales of the model were more than three times that of its closest competitor, Renault Zoe.

Model 3 continues to dominate many markets around the world, with 35,854 units sold in June alone. Its closest competitor, Renault Zoe, was able to sell 10,553 units and took #2 in the ranking. Another burgeoning Tesla star, Model Y, takes the #3 spot, having sold 7,500 cars worldwide. Model Y is expected to climb even higher in the overall rankings in the coming months. The findings illustrate the incredible success of Tesla's most affordable cars.

Besides the stellar June stats, Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car for the entire first half of 2020, selling 142,346 units. Renault Zoe took second place, with 37,154 units sold. The Nissan Leaf closes-out the top three, selling 23,867 vehicles..

Source: EV-Sales

In June, it is worth noting that the Tesla brand overall took first place out of all automakers. In June, the Californian company sold a stunning 49,765 vehicles, demonstrating its staggering and undeniable lead. Tesla's closest competitor, Volkswagen was able to sell just 14,829 units.

The overall Tesla sales data for the first half of the year further underline the increasing gap between Tesla and other automakers. During this period, Tesla sold 179,050 cars, whereas Volkswagen only 62,414. Closing-out the top 3 was Nissan Leaf, selling 23,867 cars.

Source: EV-Sales

Many news outlets for years have suggested--and continue to do so to this day--that Tesla should be very afraid of "the competition." The facts paint a very different picture. Sales data for the first half of 2020 overwhelmingly place Tesla in an entirely different league than said competitors. And it appears the untouchable California-based EV company will continue to pull away. The question is: Will the competition manage to remain visible in its rearview?

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