Tesla Model 3 Ends Nearly 3 Decades of Toyota Camry's Reign in Australia, Outselling it in 2022

Tesla Model 3 Ends Nearly 3 Decades of Toyota Camry's Reign in Australia, Outselling it in 2022

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Tesla Model 3 ended almost three decades of Toyota Camry's reign in Australia in the midsize sedan category, surpassing it in sales in 2022. The victory was achieved despite the company not delivering cars to the country for four months of the year.

Tesla's sales almost doubled last year, just as the manufacturer had planned. This happened even though, in 2022, the company faced the closure of Giga Shanghai for more than three weeks due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This was followed by the restoration of operations, which took a month and a half. After that, Giga Shanghai closed again in order to modernize the production lines and increase their capacity. Because the Chinese factory supplied cars to the Australian market, this disrupted Tesla's achievements in the country, and cars were not delivered there for more than four months of the year.

However, even in such a situation, Tesla Model 3 was able to achieve an impressive result: last year, 10,877 units were sold. With this, Model 3 broke the Toyota Camry's 28-year winning streak in the midsize sedan category and took first place. Toyota registered 9,538 Camrys, 1,339 fewer than Model 3.

At the end of the year, the Tesla brand, selling only two car models, took 16th place in the sales charts, ahead of such well-known brands as Audi, Honda, and Volvo.

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