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Tesla Model 3 Became Europe's Best Selling EV In March Of Q1 2020


The Tesla Model 3 was Europe’s Best-Selling EV in March of Q1 2020. Tesla delivered 16,121 Model 3 sedans across Europe in the last month of the first quarter alone. 

Jose Pontes—a contributor for CleanTechnica—shared Europe’s EV sale numbers in his blog EV Sales. Pontes is a partner in EV-Volumes, a website that records EV sales across the globe.

According to Pontes, the UK held the most registrations for the Tesla Model 3 in March with a record of 4,718 units. Germany followed behind with 2,034 Model 3 deliveries. Compared to the UK and Germany, Tesla Model 3 sales remained relatively steady throughout Europe, with 1,385 units delivered in France, 1,339 units in the Netherlands, and 1,084 units in Sweden. 

According to Tesla’s Q1 2020 report on April 2, the company produced 87,282 Model 3/Model Y units in the first quarter, and 76,200 were successfully delivered. Based on those numbers, European sales of the Tesla Model 3 made up 21% of the 76,200 cars delivered in all of Q1 2020. 

Tesla sales for March were quite strong, particularly for the Model 3, it seems. Tesla China’s Model 3 deliveries were impressive as well at 11, 280, making up 14% of Model 3/Model Y sales in the first quarter. 

Back home, Tesla Model 3 sales may have overshadowed its competition in the small to midsized luxury car segment. HyperChange host Gali Russell estimated that Tesla sold 44,500 Model 3 units in Q1 2020. In contrast, BMW sold 20,042 vehicles in the same segment. 

Tesla surprised TSLA skeptics and even some avid supporters of the company with its Q1 2020 delivery numbers. It reported 88,400 successful deliveries in Q1, 7% of which were subject to lease accounting. In the last month of the first quarter, Tesla started delivering the Model Y. 

Unfortunately, Model Y production and deliveries have been disrupted by the global pandemic, which resulted in the Fremont factory shutting down in late March. Tesla had planned to reopen Fremont factory on May 4, but the Bay Area has extended quarantine orders until June. 

As of this writing, it is unclear whether Fremont will be allowed to resume operations. Tesla could provide more information about its plans while lockdowns continue across California during its April 29 Earnings Call. 

Featured Image Credit: AGE PhotoCars/Instagram

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