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Tesla Model 3 Flew Over a 33-ft River & Protected Occupants in Hard Landing

by Eva Fox February 19, 2022

Tesla Model 3 Flew Over a 33-ft River & Protected Occupants in Hard Landing

Photo: CnEVPost/YouTube

A Tesla Model 3 flew over a 33 foot-wide river and protected its occupants from significant injury from a hard landing. The manufacturer's car once again proves its safety and ability to protect the lives of its occupants in the most unforeseen situations.

We know many stories about how Tesla cars protected the lives of owners in the most horrific of accidents. However, this story is highly unusual. The Chinese agency My Drivers reported an incident in which a Tesla Model 3 literally flew, after which it landed hard on the ground.

The news agency reported that in Kaifeng, Henan province, a Tesla vehicle was found parked on the road with obvious damage to the front and rear body, wheels, and the airbags were fully deployed. According to observers, an ambulance came for the driver and passenger of the car, but they had only minor injuries.

The driver of the car, who was unfamiliar with the area's roads and other features, accelerated to about 62 mph and lost control when she suddenly noticed a river running perpendicular to the road. Given the high speed, and the slope of the road, the car flew over the river, which was about 33 feet wide, and landed hard on the other side, after which it drove about another 100 feet before coming to a complete stop.

The impact force from the landing was high, which majorly damaged the car. In addition, the car blew a large curb with its front end, which largely damaged the front bumper. Nevertheless, even in such a non-standard situation, because cars are not tested for this kind of situation, the Tesla Model 3 did an excellent job of protecting its occupants from injury as much as possible. The fact that the front of the car does not have an engine—as opposed to ICE cars—allowed this area to absorb the impact from the hit of the curb, which ultimately also provided significant protection to the occupants.

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