Tesla Model 3 Frunk Cover Mod Takes Custom Front Trunks To The Next Level


A Tesla Model 3 frunk cover mod has taken electric car customization to the next level. Created by the team behind The Bandit Model 3 license plate holder, the WTF (What the Frunk) custom cover is something truly out of the ordinary. 

Teslas are already unique vehicles because of their generous trunk space. Even the Model 3, the smallest of Tesla's vehicles available today, has ample space for several grocery bags and other sizable items. For creatives like Tesla owner Tony Pham, the space offered by the Model 3's frunk was space that could be used for special purposes--like a full-on speaker system with lights, for example. 

Pham had been teasing his Model 3 frunk cover for some time on his personal Twitter page. Over the past weeks, the Tesla owner shared that the WTF frunk cover could be carved with any customized design. It's also quite durable, being made of 1/2-inch acrylic.

The first completed Model 3 frunk cover features two speakers and a massive logo of the Tesla Owners East Bay club right at the center. Lights adorn the entire custom frunk cover, and on one side lies what appears to be a small panel with volume knobs. Based on a video uploaded of the mod, it seems that the speaker system could be connected to a mixer and serve as a portable amplifier too. 

This clever mod brings a whole lot of creative possibilities for Tesla owners, especially those who love to hang out with the electric car community. Vehicles equipped with a WTF speaker frunk cover could use their cars as a sound system, for example, while others may use their cars for different, equally creative means. This doesn't even touch on the cosmetic aspect of the custom frunk covers, which would make each Tesla stand out from the rest. 

So far, it appears that Tony Pham and the team behind The Bandit license plate holder are yet to announce the price of their What the Frunk custom cover. Considering the customization options that the product provides, there's a pretty good chance that many Tesla owners may just opt for the mod. It is, after all, a good way to personalize one's Tesla to a level that hasn't been explored before. 

Featured Image Credit: Chad Mortensen/Twitter

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