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Made In China Tesla Model 3 Gets PCAUTO 'Car of the year 2019' Award

Made In China Tesla Model 3 Gets PCAUTO 'Car of the year 2019' Award

PCAUTO its a professional car assessment stand, was founded in 2002. Every year, the PCAUTO team chooses a car of the year.

40% of the assessment is voting. Models with the highest number of votes in each class receive 100 points, while other models receive corresponding points in accordance with the share of votes.

20% of the assessment is a comprehensive assessment by the owners of their models. The content of the assessment covers the exterior and interior, power, fuel consumption and other aspects that can effectively reflect quality.

20% is a car rating by a professional editorial team.

20% is a rating from PCAUTO Pacific. PCAUTO Pacific is a collection of industry leaders and professional organizations providing multidimensional automotive information to users. This year, the 20 most interesting and influential experts were invited to the annual selection of cars.

Source: PCAUTO

According to the results of the vote, made-in-China Model 3 gained 11,907 votes. In each of the subsequent stages of the assessment, Model 3 will also receive the highest score. As a result, the domestic Model 3 received the highest comprehensive rating and won the 'Car of the year 2019' Award.

Source: PCAUTO
Translation: Tesmanian

PCAUTO said:

“Model 3 is a masterpiece of Tesla’s latest technology, and, as Tesla’s first domestic model, has become even more iconic.”

"The rigid body design provides the most extreme dynamic performance. This remarkable upper limit combines a sense of comfort."

“Domestic Model 3 has been improved in the overall compaction and assembly process and has some degree of optimization on the front and rear.”

Source: PCAUTO

The first brick for the Tesla Shanghai factory was laid in January 2019, and the factory began work in August of the same year. At the end of December 2019, the first 15 made in China, Model 3, were already delivered, and on January 7 the mass deliveries of the vehicle is expected to its owners. The scale of investment and support from Shanghai for Tesla is unprecedented.

Currently, the basic construction of the first phase of the plant is completed. The Shanghai Tesla plant will mainly follow the model and experience of the American factory, focusing on raising the level of production processes and a new and optimized assembly production line.

Tesla continues to prove to the world that electric cars are not just a compromise product, but, on the contrary, it can offer absolutely comparable to a fuel car and even better.

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