David Dobrik Gives Loyal Follower's Dad A Tesla Model 3 After Heartfelt Post


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Prolific YouTuber David Dobrik recently gave away a brand new Tesla Model 3 to the father of one of his followers. The free electric car was a prize to a giveaway that Dobrik conducted in collaboration with GFUEL to celebrate his 24th birthday. Based on Dobrik’s recent announcement, it appears that the winner of his Model 3 giveaway may very well be the most deserving of all.

Among those that entered Dobrik’s Tesla Model 3 giveaway was Bobby Coleman, who shared some insights about his father. According to Coleman, his dad is among the sweetest and most loving man he has ever met, but he is also arguably one of the most overworked. His dad also drives a beater of the car that he has kept for over ten years. The vehicle is literally falling apart, from its headlights to its gear shift that gets disassembled when pulled.


Meet my dad, the sweetest man ever. I wanna do something cool for him. ##davidstesla ##thegirls ##theboys

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Coleman then noted that it would be really great if one of Dobrik’s Model 3 giveaways could go to his dad. He encouraged social media users to like his request, and so far, it has been embraced widely. In TikTok, for example, Coleman’s father’s story was liked 5.7 million times with over 150,000 comments. This request appears to have touched the noted YouTuber, as Dobrik recently announced that Coleman’s dad is now the proud owner of a stunning new Tesla Model 3.

Dobrik announced the winner to his birthday sweepstakes on TikTok by featuring a video of himself beside Coleman’s post. In it, the noted YouTuber expressed his admiration of Coleman’s father, who he wished well. “Hi Bobby, your dad seems like he deserves the world, or at the very least a brand new car. Enjoy,” he wrote.


Hope this helps!! Tell your dad i say hello 😊 Congrats! @bobbyxcoleman ##davidstesla

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

In a response to Dobrik’s announcement, Coleman stated that his father would likely be elated with the news. “My mind is BEYOND blown. My dad has given so much to raise me and it’s gonna feel so good to finally give back. THANK YOU. Can’t wait to give it to him,” he wrote. In a separate post, Coleman stated that his dad is not yet aware that he is now the owner of a Tesla Model 3, but he would be filming his father’s reaction when he gets the news.

There are a lot of heartwarming stories that are shared every day, and it’s just encouraging to see that Tesla and its vehicles are now being considered and perceived as products worthy of the most admirable human beings on the planet. As Coleman stated, his father is one of the best people that he has ever met, and for someone that precious, only the best would suffice. In this case, that best happens to be a Model 3.

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