Tesla Model 3 in Europe Already Sold Out to November 2022

Tesla Model 3 in Europe Already Sold Out to November 2022

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The base Tesla Model 3 in Europe is already sold out for most of 2022. The next delivery date is now set for no earlier than November, indicating incredibly high demand.

2022 has just begun, and Europeans are already forced to wait nine months before they can get their ordered Model 3 with rear-wheel drive (RWD). This applies to the basic version of the car in Pearl White Multi-Coat color, with 18'' Aero Wheels. For those who are willing to pay extra for 19'' Sport Wheels, the closest delivery date will be in August.

The same applies to the white Model 3 Long Range with 18'' Aero Wheels. If customers order a car right now, they will be able to receive it no earlier than November 2022. For those who can pay extra for 19'' Sport Wheels, the closest delivery date is the same as it is for the Model 3 RWD, which is August. Model 3 Performance in any color is available from May.

Keep in mind that Model 3 delivery times for both RWD and Long Range with 18” Aero Wheels can also be shortened by choosing a color other than Pearl White Multi-Coat. This also applies to the color for the interior—that is, if the buyer chooses white trim. If you choose a different color, the delivery time will be reduced by two months, with a delivery date somewhere in August.

Tesla Model 3 sales in Europe are very strong and the only limiting factor to their even faster growth is the company's ability to manufacture vehicles. Once Giga Berlin is launched, some customers may prefer to receive Model Y, which will initially be produced there, instead of waiting 6-9 months for their Model 3 to arrive.

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