Tesla Model 3 in Slovakia is eligible for a government subsidy of €8,000

by Eva Fox December 11, 2019

Tesla Model 3 in Slovakia is eligible for a government subsidy of €8,000

Tesla enters the Slovak market from today. Those who are interested in its electric cars can finally formally buy them from Slovakia. For today only Model 3 is available for order.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the arrival of the automaker in Slovakia in September. "Hoping to open in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia & most of Eastern Europe early next year. Finally, we will do Nikola Tesla proud by having his cars in his countries of origin! ”He said on Twitter.

There is currently no information on whether Tesla will have an official representative office, store or service. At the initial stage, Tesla will make available only online orders.

The reason Tesla offers only Model 3 for Slovaks is because it is the only Tesla car on which Slovaks can receive a state subsidy of €8,000 ($8890).

Tesla offers three options for Model 3, but a subsidy can only be obtained for its cheapest version. This is Model 3 Standard Range Plus with rear-wheel drive and costs 40,380 ($ 4.4876) without VAT.

Tesla promises to deliver the ordered cars early next year.

According to the terms of the subsidy program, the candidate must purchase an electric car within 12 months after signing the contract with the Ministry of Economy.

The contract is signed after approval of the application, which can be submitted from December 17. Today, the Department has begun at least pre-registering candidates, but it is important to place candidates for the Advisory Council and to allocate the necessary funds from the 5 million program budget.

According to koshi estimates, the allocated subsidy amount is enough for about 650 cars.

Finally, Slovaks can officially acquire Tesla in their country.

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