Tesla Model Y Became the World’s 3rd Best-Selling Passenger Car in 2022

Tesla Model Y Became the World’s 3rd Best-Selling Passenger Car in 2022

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Tesla Model Y entered the Top 3 best-selling passenger vehicles in 2022, paving its way to the top spot in 2023. Tesla Model 3 is in 10th place, confirming that EVs will soon completely overtake ICE vehicles.

Elon Musk predicted Tesla Model Y would one day be the best-selling car in the world. Later, he became more specific, saying this should happen in 2023. Of course, it is impossible to know what the exact sales data for the current year will be, but we can assess the situation from 2022 to understand if Model Y has a chance.

According to new data released by JATO Dynamics, Model Y was the third best-selling passenger car in the world. It is worth noting that obtaining accurate sales data around the world is not an easy task. This is especially complicated by the fact that Tesla counts Model Y and Model 3 sales together. In addition, the company usually does not separate sales by country. Therefore, sometimes we received different data from different sources. However, JATO Dynamics, as a professional with many years of experience, has made every effort to obtain the most accurate data.

According to them, in 2022, Tesla sold about 747,000 Model Ys, which is a 91% increase from a year earlier. At the same time, 44% were sold in China, 34% in the US, and 9% in Europe. This number of cars sold brought Model Y a solid third place. The electric SUV was outperformed by Toyota RAV4 with 1,016,000 units in first place and Toyota Corolla with 992,000 units in second place. Tesla Model 3 is in 10th place with 482,000 units sold.

In 2023, Tesla plans to sell about 1.8 million vehicles. Obviously, Model Y will make up the majority of these sales. Given this, it seems quite likely the SUV will become the best-selling vehicle in 2023.

Tesla's achievements in 2022 were commented on by JATO's Global Analyst Felipe Munoz:

“It is a historic moment to see a pure electric vehicle not only so close to the top position but also a relatively new brand getting so far in the global ranking, particularly given they are not the most affordable vehicles."

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