Tesla Model 3 Is Now the Official Car of the Mayor of Eltville am Rhein, Germany

Tesla Model 3 Is Now the Official Car of the Mayor of Eltville am Rhein, Germany

Tesla is capturing more and more hearts of the Germans, who are choosing the electric car of the California company as their personal vehicle. Along with the growing popularity among the population, politicians are also increasingly inclined towards Tesla. The mayor of the German city of Eltville am Rhein chose the Tesla Model 3 as his official car.

A few days ago, Patrick Kunkel, the mayor of Eltville am Rhein, tweeted the news by writing " will start soon..!" He attached a photo of a brand new black Model 3, which was being charged at the charging station.

The mayor confirmed that he will now drive an electric vehicle, which he has chosen as his official vehicle. According to his explanation under the tweet, Kunkel opted for the non-polluting Tesla Model 3 over the fuel-fueled BMW X2 he had previously used. Kunkel was the first mayor in Germany to choose a Tesla as a company vehicle.

However, this is not the first time that a German politician has chosen Tesla as his official vehicle. In mid-March, Berlin Environment and Transport Senator Regine Günther chose Tesla Model 3 as the new company car. “For me, a car without CO2 is important, big enough to work in it, without being too big like an SUV,” said Günther. Since May, the politician has been driving an electric car to business meetings.

Her decision to drive Tesla Model 3 is also symbolic, and demonstrates to German automakers that they are very weak in the transition to electric mobility. Until that moment, local car companies offered low rental rates for their luxury cars, so politicians chose them as their official cars. But with the advent of Tesla in Germany, this situation has changed.

Earlier this year, Secretary of State for Education Beate Stoffers already chose Tesla: "I looked at the CO2 values ​​and range, and I also support a company that invests in the Berlin region."

Tesla's impressive results demonstrate its power. The automaker, whose main goal is not to pollute the environment—and spread this value globally—is gradually paving the way to this achievement. Tesla has launched the process of accelerating the world’s transition to electric vehicles, including in Germany—the heart of the automotive industry in Europe. German politicians are gradually rethinking the value of environmentally friendly transport, so there is great hope that the German auto industry will begin the transition to electric cars at a faster pace.

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