Tesla Model 3 Became The Best-Selling EV In Sweden in March 2020

Tesla Model 3 Became The Best-Selling EV In Sweden in March 2020

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The Tesla Model 3 became number 1 among all electric cars in Sweden in March 2020, selling 1,084 cars, which is about 36% of the BEV market share.

According to data from bestsellingcarsblog.com, since the beginning of the year, sales in Sweden have decreased by 10.5%, but the market share of rechargeable cars (PHEV + BEV) has almost doubled compared to the same period last year and amounted to 28.2%.

Tesla was able to sell a total of 1359 cars, which raised it to 9th place in the top 10 best-selling car brands of the month. 

Source: bestsellingcarsblog.com

But Model 3 surprised even more, and became the 3rd best-selling model in Sweden in the overall ranking, selling 1,084 cars.

Source: bestsellingcarsblog.com

This number of sales also made Model 3 the best-selling car among all rechargeable cars sold in the country. Even the Volvo S/М 60, having a relatively strong sales month, could not keep up with Model 3 and sold only 812 cars.

Model 3 was so dominant in March 2020 that it actually corresponded to the volume of the following 5 full electric BEVs: Audi e-tron, Renault Zoe, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen e-Golf, Nissan LEAF.

Fully electric car models are highlighted in blue.

March was a strong month for Tesla, despite the world’s COVID-19 pandemic. This shows that interest in the car from the California automaker is strengthening and growing. Tesla is the best electric car on the world market, so in the future the company will continue to increase sales.

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