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Tesla Model 3 Kelley Blue Book Expert Review Proves Mass Market EVs Are Here


The Tesla Model 3, which has won Kelley Blue Book's award for Best Electric Vehicle in terms of Resale Value, has received a thorough Expert Review from the noted firm. Considering the vehicle's features and price, KBB's expert reviewers were unanimous in the fact that with the Model 3, mass-market EVs have already arrived, and they are here to stay.

Tesla's midsize sedan is still not in the same price ballpark as popular, affordable cars like the Honda Civic; but its low cost of ownership, safety ratings, and tech-driven design shows that the vehicle may very well be the clearest hint today that a petrol-free future is coming. While the Model S and Model X were more like vehicles that were designed to prove that EVs are capable of competing against the best ICE cars available, the Model 3 seems designed to flat out convert conventional car buyers over to electric.

So far, the Model 3 has been doing this very well. Even without federal tax credits in the United States, Model 3 buyers today still need to wait a few weeks for their orders to be fulfilled. The same is true for orders placed in China, where Giga Shanghai is already operational. Despite the large electric vehicle production facility already making vehicles, local orders of the China-made Model 3 placed today still have an estimated delivery date in the second quarter of 2020.

Kelley Blue Book's expert reviewers loved several things about the Model 3, from its unabashed electric car looks to its interior, whose minimalist theme is almost Scandinavian in terms of look and feel. The publication also gave some praise to the vehicle's center-mounted 15" display, which controls virtually all of the Model 3's features. KBB gave some recognition to the Model 3's sporty performance and driving dynamics as well.

Interestingly, Kelley Blue Book's expert reviewers listed two software-based features as their favorite aspects of the Tesla Model 3. First is the Tesla Theater, which essentially turns the all-electric car into a mobile movie house. By allowing electric car owners to access Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, KBB noted that visits to Supercharger stations (or any other EV charging location for that matter), are now even more convenient than before.

The second feature highlighted as a favorite by KBB's expert reviewers was Smart Summon, which allows Teslas to pick up their owners at a pre-determined spot in a parking lot without a driver. The feature still has limitations for now such as line-of-sight, and owners still must take responsibility for any untoward incidents that may happen while the vehicle is using the function, but there is no denying that Smart Summon is one of the most sophisticated features in the industry today.

A look at Kelley Blue Book's Consumer Reviews for the Model 3 shows that the findings of the company's expert reviewers were not that far off from the insights of the all-electric sedan's actual owners. As of writing, 5-Star ratings from consumers dominate the Model 3's official page for the vehicle, with 91% of reviewers giving the car a perfect grade.

Featured Image Credit: Megan Gale Adams/Twitter

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