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Tesla Model 3 LR Is Most Efficient Electric Vehicle, Per Zutobi EV Miles Report

Tesla Model 3 LR Is Most Efficient Electric Vehicle, Per Zutobi EV Miles Report

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Tesla has always strived to create the best products for customers without tolerating mediocrity. That is why the company's cars are marked as the best in a variety of studies and ratings. This time, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor is recognized as the most efficient electric vehicle, according to the Zutobi 2022 EV Miles Report.

Which electric car is the most economical to charge and drive? This question has been repeatedly asked by consumers, especially when choosing a car to buy. The popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, but many people remain wary of this new technology. Most often this is due to the fact that consumers do not have sufficient information.

Younger consumers are more likely to show an interest in jumping straight into new technologies, so they are more likely than older consumers to opt for electric vehicles. They have not formed as much of an attachment to driving petrol or diesel cars, so the transition is easier and more willing. It is more difficult for the older generation to understand new technologies and get used to the new way of thinking, and the experience of owning an EV.

To help consumers make informed car-buying decisions, the online Driver's education resource Zutobi calculated the cost of running over 100 different electric vehicles and identified the most affordable models. Zutobi reviewed the most efficient electric vehicles, ranked by how much it would cost to drive them per 100 miles. Energy rates vary by state, so the resource used national energy prices to calculate this ranking.

According to their 2022 EV Miles Report, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor is the most efficient electric vehicle, capable of driving 100 miles for just $3.29. So the owner can drive it over 3,000 miles on a $100 charge. This is an impressive figure, showing not only a clear superiority of Model 3 LR over vehicles with internal combustion engines, but also the best result among other EV models.

In second place is the base Tesla Model 3, which will run 100 miles on a $3.45 charge. This is further proof that Tesla vehicles are geared towards having the best performance at the lowest cost of ownership. It is worth noting that despite the fact that the Model 3 Performance version is more "gluttonous" than its other variants due to increased performance, it is also in the top 20 at 15th place.

Given that Tesla Model 3 is the most efficient car, Zutobi also did a study: In which US state is its ownership the most profitable? Washington and Idaho are the best states for running electric vehicles, with Tesla Model 3 owners able to get approximately 4,000 miles out of a $100 charge.

In Utah, you can charge up your Tesla Model 3 for just $5.90, which is barely a fraction more than in Washington and Idaho where it would cost $5.88. In every other state, this cost would be above $6, with the cost in 11 states being over $10. The most expensive state to charge a Tesla Model 3 is Hawaii where it would cost $19.53. But even at that price, this is still much cheaper than it would cost to fill up a comparable car with gas.

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