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Tesla Giga Shanghai Made Model 3 Begins Shipping to Australia, New Zealand & Japan

Tesla Giga Shanghai Made Model 3 Begins Shipping to Australia, New Zealand & Japan

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Tesla is actively ramping up production as it prepares to ship the China-made RHD Model 3s to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The design studio for ordering MIC Model 3 is open, and shows delivery times from two to 12 weeks, depending on the country.

Today it was noticed on the Tesla website, for Australia, New Zealand and Japan, the order configurator for Model 3 has changed. Instead of the previously offered interiors, another one has now appeared. The new interior is in line with what is now available only on the new, made in China Model 3. The Fremont-made Model 3 has a different design.

Made at the Fremont factory:

Made at Giga Shanghai:

Delivery times for vehicles vary depending on the country of delivery. So, in Japan, the first batch of MIC Model 3 will be delivered in February, while in Australia and New Zealand the delivery time is nine to 12 weeks. This timeline indicates that the first batch of RHD Model 3, which was produced in Q1 2020, will be sent to Japan. Australia and New Zealand are likely to receive delivery of vehicles made as early as Q2 2020.

In a recent WU WA/YouTube video of Giga Shanghai, hundreds of Model 3s can be seen wrapped in protective film, suggesting they are export vehicles. The vehicles were right-hand drive, which means they can be supplied to countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand. However, according to the latest information, these cars will be shipped to Japan, which is in line with the delivery time indicated on Tesla's website for residents of the country.

Source: WU WA/YouTube

Until now, right-hand drive cars had only been produced at the Tesla Fremont factory and took a long time to ship. Shipping cars from China to these countries should save a lot of time and money.

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