Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 SR+ Is Now Exempt from Purchase Tax in China

by Eva Fox March 10, 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 SR+ Is Now Exempt from Purchase Tax in China

Source: @JayinShanghai / Twitter

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has exempted the very popular China-made Tesla Model 3 SR+ from vehicle purchase tax, which will further boost demand.

On March 10, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the "New Energy Vehicle Tax Free Vehicle Catalog," which included Tesla Model 3 55kWh—or SR+. This will further enhance the car's appeal, encouraging locals to opt for vehicles of the American manufacturer.

In February 2021, according to the CPCA (China Auto Industry Body) Tesla China sold 18,318 vehicles manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai, significantly surpassing the sales of almost all competitors. This increase represents an 18.3% MoM growth over January sales, which is especially impressive considering February has just 28 days, and the period encompasses the Chinese New Year Holidays. Last year, over the same period, Tesla was able to sell only 3,900 vehicles.

The Chinese government has significantly contributed to the development of electric vehicles in the country, steadily encouraging their purchase, increasing the number of charging stations, battery replacement stations, and battery recycling plants. Tesla is at the forefront of positive change in China. The company's cars are in very high demand, which currently exceeds the existing supply. With the purchase tax exemption, even more Chinese will be eager to buy Tesla Model 3.

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