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Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Will Not Get 100kWh Battery Pack

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Elon Musk refuted rumors that Tesla would install 100kWh battery packs in the Model 3 or the Model Y. Given that the Tesla Model S just achieved an EPA range above 400 miles, Musk's words make sense. 

"No larger pack Model 3 is in development," he said in a tweet. "Or Y," Tesla's CEO followed up later. Musk's reply came after @zeus7f1 spotted a Tesla Model 3 listed with a 100kWh battery pack in Factory Mode. 

Currently, the Model 3 and the Model Y come with a 75kWh battery pack. If Tesla were to switch to 100kWh battery packs for its more affordable vehicles, the company would increase their ranges by at least 33%, bringing it closer to Model S territory. 

Since the Tesla Model S just reached an EPA range of 402 miles, it's less likely that the Model 3 and the Model Y will get a range boost in the near future. The gap between the Model S, 3, and X must be sustained to differentiate each of the vehicles in the market.

News of 100kWh battery packs for the Model 3 and possibly the Model Y came hours after Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Model S was the first-ever electric vehicle to receive an EPA range rating above 400 miles. 

"The freedom to travel anywhere is critical to Tesla's mission. Since the introduction of our 265-mile Model S in 2012, we've continued to revisit every aspect of the design to deliver the longest-range and highest-performance electric vehicles on the road.

"Starting today, all North American Model S Long Range Plus vehicles have an official EPA-rated range of 402 miles, representing a nearly 20% increase in range when compared to a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack design," wrote the Tesla Team. 

Tesla Battery Day will likely tell investors and enthusiasts more information about the company's plans regarding vehicle battery packs in its next line of cars. As it stands, Tesla will need to rearrange its lineup once the Plaid Model S, Plaid Model X, and Cybertruck are ready for delivery. Range and price will be affected again once the Tesla Roadster 2.0 is on the market. So it makes sense that Tesla isn't making or introducing any major changes to its vehicles that could affect their overall price and demand.

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