Tesla Model 3 & Y Are World’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicles in May 2021

Tesla Model 3 & Y Are World’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicles in May 2021

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A young Tesla continues its development in the global automotive market. Although its factories are currently not strong enough to surpass the production of ICE vehicles, Tesla has already become the best-selling brand in the world's electric vehicle market. The company's cars are gaining a lot of interest and Model 3 & Y became the best-selling EVs in the world in May 2021.

In May, global electric vehicle registrations grew by an impressive 199% compared to May 2020, to around 442,000 units. This corresponds to a 6.6% share of the total automotive market, according to Jose Pontes via CleanTechnica. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales rose 190% to 295,000 registrations, a fifth of which are two Tesla models.

Tesla Model 3 with 30,874 registered units has once again become the world's best-selling electric vehicle. Its success is due to the fact that it is designed with the smallest details to be the ideal vehicle for most people at a relatively affordable price. At the moment, no one in the industry can offer an electric car that can compete with Model 3 in all characteristics, so it will continue to lead the way, and will probably give up the lead only to one of its siblings.

Another Tesla car that has been on the North American market for a little over one year, and just five months in China—Model Y—has already become the second best-selling electric car in the world. There were 29,378 units registered in May. It is worth considering that at the moment Model Y is not yet available for sale in Europe, which is the third-largest market for Tesla. As soon as sales start there, it will no doubt secure first place in the overall ranking.

In third place is the tiny and cheap Wuling Mini EV with 26,742 registrations. The popularity of this unsafe vehicle is daunting as it is designed only with economy in mind and will not be able to protect its passengers in the event of an accident. However, in terms of bringing electric vehicles onto the road, it makes a significant contribution.

The Volkswagen ID.4 sits far behind the top 3, like all other models from other manufacturers. However, having sold 8,529 units, it is in the top 5, ranking 4th. At the moment, it is one of the most worthy competitors for Tesla, which is commendable.

Rounding out the top 5 is another small and inexpensive Chinese car, the Changan Benni EV with 8,371 registrations. That's just 158 ​​units below the Volkswagen ID.4. The affordability of electric vehicles is an important criterion, so cheap cars will continue to be popular.

Source: CleanTechnica

The sales figures once again highlight Tesla's popularity. Despite growing competition, especially in the Chinese market, the Californian manufacturer continues to win over customers with quality vehicles where safety is paramount. Since Tesla does not intend to sacrifice safety and quality in its cars, they will cost more than Chinese ones. However, once the 4680 battery cells go into mass production, the company will be able to offer more affordable car models that will be available to more consumers.

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