Tesla Model 3 Customers Are Most Satisfied EV Owners in Norway

Tesla Model 3 Customers Are Most Satisfied EV Owners in Norway

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Tesla cars are considered the true benchmark for electric vehicles and it’s well deserved. Now, according to a survey, Tesla customers are the most satisfied electric vehicle owners in Norway. Model 3 is the most satisfying electric vehicle for its owners, while Model S and X are also in the top five.

Tesla owners are once again the happiest electric car owners ever. The results of the Electric Vehicle Association survey, "Electric Vehicle 2021”—in which they tried to find out how satisfied owners are with their electric vehicles—were published by The survey served 15,000 EV owners, 94% of whom said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their car. All three Tesla models that are available to order in Norway are in the top five.

First place in the survey is held by Tesla Model 3, where 85% of owners answered that they are "very satisfied" with their car, and gave a rating of 5 out of 5 possible. 12% answered that they were "satisfied" with the car, 1% answered that they were "not determined," and only 2% said that they were "dissatisfied." These results made Model 3 the winner of the overall rankings, and the car has the most satisfied EV owners in Norway.

"The fact that Tesla Model 3 owners are so happy is probably due to the fact that they get access to a good Tesla charging network while getting a good car with a lot of range at a relatively low price," said Unni Berge, Head of Communications in Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

This is an excellent result, which delighted Tesla's communications consultant in Norway, Nora Wisløff Egenæs. “It's great to see this survey confirms that Tesla owners are happy with their vehicles. While the number of offers of electric vehicles is growing, we are seeing an increase in interest in Tesla and are working hard to ensure that all of our customers have a positive experience,” she told “Among other things, we are continually working to expand our Supercharger network,” continued the communications consultant.

This approach of the company brought several more victories for Tesla in the Norwegian market. Tesla Model X took third place in the ranking because 76% of owners are "very satisfied" with their car, while 21% are "satisfied." Tesla Model S was ranked fifth, although the number of "very satisfied" customers is 78%. It should be kept in mind that the survey distributes places according to the average score received by each participant.

Second place went to Kia e-Niro with 84% very satisfied owners. BMW i3 is in fourth place with 71% of very satisfied owners.


Volkswagen ID.3 has one of the lowest ratings, although in general, is at a satisfactory level. 49% of owners said they were "very satisfied," while 36% said they were just "satisfied" with ownership. This is one of the lowest rates among electric vehicles in Norway.

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