Tesla FSD Beta V9.1 with Improvements Will Release End of Next Week

Tesla FSD Beta V9.1 with Improvements Will Release End of Next Week

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Two weeks ago Tesla released the highly anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta V9, which had significant improvements over the previous version. Now, after some polishing and a couple of new updates, FSD Beta will be on to a wider public release. The first update is already on the way and V9.1 with some improvements will be released at the end of next week, Elon Musk said.

Tesla FSD Beta continues to improve and its new release of version 9 pleasantly surprised many testers, even those who were skeptical about removing the radar from the car. The new FSD Beta V9 relies only on video captured from all of the vehicle's cameras. The drivers said that now their cars have become more confident even on difficult road sections and can easily make unprotected turns, detours, driving along narrow streets, and much more. Overall, owners describe it as smoother and more confident than the previous version. Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously confirmed that after the release of V9 and a few updates, FSD Beta will become more widely available—which means that a request button for the ability to test the function will be added to cars.

July 25, Musk tweeted that Tesla would release a new update, V9.1, on July 30 at midnight, adding several improvements. This gives us some idea of ​​the relatively advanced stage of development at which the newest FSD currently  is—and tells us there is not much time before public release.

Thus, exactly three weeks will pass from the moment of V9’s release to V9.1’s. Considering that the company will need a few more such updates, it can be assumed that a public release will most likely be possible in the Fall of 2021. It should be kept in mind that Tesla strives to provide only a safe and best driving experience for car owners, so rushing would be absolutely inappropriate here.

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