Tesla Model 3 Functioning Not to Blame in Taxi Accident in Paris, French Transport Minister Says

Tesla Model 3 Functioning Not to Blame in Taxi Accident in Paris, French Transport Minister Says

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A Tesla Model 3 vehicle is not to blame for a taxi crash in Paris, which at the time caused the G7 taxi company to suspend all 37 of the manufacturer's same model vehicles in its fleet. To make the situation very clear, the Minister of Transport of France declared Tesla's innocence.

Recently, Parisian taxi company G7 said it had withdrawn 37 Tesla Model 3s from its fleet following a fatal accident. The media reported that the car hit a cyclist, three pedestrians, and a van. As a result of the accident, one person was killed and another twenty were injured. The Paris prosecutor's office is investigating a murder and a negligent assault. According to the G7 statement, the driver of the Model 3 tried to brake, but instead, the car accelerated.

This story received a lot of publicity as the G7's decision to suspend all 37 Model 3s received a lot of attention. However, in fact, Tesla quickly remotely checked the crash data and concluded that there was no technical problem with the car. The company pledged its readiness to work with the authorities.

On Wednesday, French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari intervened to allay any doubts and to stop the further spread of false rumors about the incident and the supposed fault of the Tesla Model 3. He stated that at this stage there was no suggestion that the fatal accident in Paris was caused by a technical malfunction of the Tesla car. “There are no elements that would lead one to believe it was tied to a technical problem,” he told RMC radio.

G7 Deputy Chief Executive Yann Ricordel cited Tesla as saying on Monday that an initial inquiry had ruled out a technical fault.

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