Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Raised to 11 with Custom Track Kit


When Tesla owner and enthusiast Erik Strait—from YouTube's DAErik channel —received his Performance Model 3 from Unplugged Performance, he wasn’t disappointed. The world-renowned automotive customizer fitted it with its Tesla Model 3 Ascension R concept, and Unplugged didn’t hold back.

DAErik unveiled his new beauty at SEMA and it was breathtaking, to say the least. The normal mass-produced Tesla sedan is a looker, too, but Erik’s Model 3 Ascension R makeover raises its aesthetic score to the next level.


Credit: Unplugged Performance

Although not everyone agrees that the Tesla sedan is pleasing to the eye. Elon Musk’s Model 3 has been criticized before for its rather tame exterior. Top Gear’s Chris Harris has said some not-so-nice words about the all-electric sedan. Harris was surprised by the Model 3’s performance, but he wasn’t impressed with its overall look. When he reviewed the car, the Top Gear host referred to the Model 3 as an “AK-47 disguised as a butter knife,” “a very fast fridge,” and called it “vanilla” as well.

Erik’s customized Tesla Model 3 Ascension R fits none of those descriptions. After Unplugged’s bespoke build for Strait, the once-stock Model 3 looked like it was ready to take on the best of the best in the race track and take the trophy in the showroom.

Even better, Unplugged’s work wasn’t shallow. Everything that was customized, upgraded, and changed served a purpose. The Ascension R truly made Erik’s Model 3 ascend…to a better, faster performance car.


Credit: Unplugged Performance

Under its matte gray paint was a carbon body kit on top of 20-inch forged wheels surrounding Michelin Cup 2 tires along with a carbon-ceramic brake kit and an adjustable coiler suspension. Unplugged Performed reworked the Model 3’s suspension further with billet adjustable front upper controls arms, billet adjustable rear camber, and tow arms, and a 3-way adjustable front/rear sway bar set with uprated bushings, according to DAErik’s description.

Unplugged’s Ascension R program starts at $35,000. The company workers with brand new Model 3 units or used ones. The whole conversion takes 4-8 weeks, and all the changes to the vehicle are customized to the Tesla owner’s preferred specifications.  

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