Tesla Model 3 Protects its Occupants from Injury in T-Bone Accident

Tesla Model 3 Protects its Occupants from Injury in T-Bone Accident

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Tesla Model 3 has once again proven its five-star safety rating. The electric vehicle protected its occupants from injuries in an accident with a car that rammed it after passing a red traffic light.

On October 20, 2021, in Oakland, Tesla Owners East Bay Club member Sule Chea was driving a Model 3 with his wife when he was the victim of an accident. A gray sedan violated traffic rules, drove through a red traffic light, and crashed into the side of the electric car, which was passing through the intersection at the time. The hit was strong enough to cause serious damage to the Model 3, but the passengers were unharmed, with only a few minor bruises.

"I'm glad everyone was safe and I'm thankful that Tesla did its job. I'm just grateful my wife and I walked away without life threatening. Tesla do prioritize safety first and I'm glad I owned one," said Sule Tesmanian, with deep gratitude to the manufacturer for making safety a priority in the design of all its vehicles.

Photos from the scene of the accident show that the driver's side and the front left side of the vehicle were badly damaged. The front left wheel is in an unnatural position as it has broken off in order to absorb the force of the impact. This is a feature of Tesla cars, which has been described in more detail by Twitter users JPR007 and Alex. Tesla designed cars so that when the front wheel and suspension are hit, special so-called "sacrificial links" break. "That allows the wheel to rotate around a third link, moving the wheel outside of the body and pushing the car, its occupants, and the batteries away from the point of impact," explained JPR007.

As the Model 3 was badly damaged after the accident, Sule was forced to order a new car. Without a moment's doubt, he chose Tesla, only this time Model Y.
"Tesla is still a new car company with full of gadgets and techs. My experience with Tesla was very fun to drive one and over the air update makes it feel you bought a new car again. After seeing my car with many airbags deployed, I knew I was saved from this incident. If safety is your number priority and excitement comes second, I have zero regrets about buying Tesla again."

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