Tesla Model 3 Protects its Occupants After Slammed by Large SUV

Tesla Model 3 Protects its Occupants After Slammed by Large SUV

Photo: @NoahWebb_/Twitter

Getting into an accident is an incredibly dangerous event in the life of any person, so if this happens, it is better to be in a safe car that can best protect its occupants. A Tesla Model 3 protected its owner in a recent accident with an SUV.

On December 6, @NoahWebb_/Twitter, who was driving his Tesla Model 3 on the 401 Highway in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, Canada, was hit by 6,000-lb Cadillac Escalade. With Noah in one of the safest vehicles in the world, he did not suffer any serious injuries, and Collision Avoidance Assist helped to avoid collisions with other vehicles in front.

Noah told Tesmanian that the weather conditions were difficult that day. In the video he shared, it can be seen that the road is partially covered with snow, and due to the fact that the temperature dropped to lower values, it became slippery. With this in mind, Noah decided to drive by hand rather than using navigate on autopilot, which he would normally use when driving on this highway. He said that he drove very far behind the car in front of him at a speed of about 31 mph before the traffic slowed down.

Traffic began to slow down because one of the cars ahead slowed down to change lanes. Noah also began to slowly decelerate, using regenerative breaking, leaving considerable space between his Model 3 and the car in front. A semi-truck was moving in the right lane from Noah, which also began to slow down due to an obstacle in front. Behind it was a Cadillac Escalade, which, instead of slowing down, began to outrun the semi-truck in the left lane, in which Noah's car was moving. After overtaking a semi-truck and another car in the right lane, the Cadillac Escalade driver again made the wrong decision and, instead of slowing down, began to accelerate, trying to slip into the right lane between the Model 3 and the car that was driving in that lane, which ended up resulting in a collision with Noah's car.

The Cadillac Escalade hit the Model 3 in the rear passenger door and front passenger door areas. Noah notes the fact that, even considering that the hits were inflicted by a large and heavy vehicle, the Model 3 held onto the road surface with confidence and did not spin on impact, nor did it roll over. Moreover, Noah noticed during the accident how the car applied a slight acceleration to avoid collisions with the cars that were driving in front of it. A video of the accident can be viewed at the link Noah posted on his Twitter post.

Thanks to the excellent safety characteristics of Tesla Model 3, Noah was not significantly injured. He is infinitely grateful to Elon Musk and Tesla's team for creating this car.

"Despite the fact that I love this Model 3, there is absolutely no other vehicle I'd rather be driving in the occurrence of an accident than a Tesla. It kept me overwhelmingly safe, avoided hitting two vehicles in front of me, which could have led to a large pileup considering traffic approaching behind would have had less time to slow.

While it may not be tomorrow or the next day, it excites me to no end that Tesla is working towards a future where these sorts of accidents do not happen at all. I'm thankful that I seem to have avoided being seriously injured and have Elon Musk and the entire team Tesla to thank for that."

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