Tesla Model 3 Proved Much More Economical than Expected, Says Bridgewater Police Service in Canada

by Eva Fox August 15, 2022

Tesla Model 3 Proved Much More Economical than Expected, Says Bridgewater Police Service in Canada

Photo: Bridgewater Police Service

A Tesla Model 3, which recently entered service for the Bridgewater Police in Nova Scotia, Canada, was much more economical than expected. The car performs two full shifts between charges, and the cost of charging it for one month is equal to the cost of refueling a gasoline car for three days.

In February 2022, the Canadian Bridgewater Police Service (BPS) purchased a Tesla Model 3. After it was refitted, the vehicle start operation in July. Although the Model 3 cost $14,000 more than an internal combustion engine car, the City assured that it would save taxpayers thousands of dollars a year through reduced maintenance, charging costs, and longer life. It was estimated that the electric vehicle would save the city about $5,000 per year compared to a traditional gasoline-powered patrol car, and will serve two years longer.

The vehicle has been in service for one month now and Chief Scott Feener said the division has already seen significant benefits from using the Tesla vehicle. Most importantly, the cost of charging the Model 3 for a whole month was the same as the cost of filling up an ICE car with gasoline for just three days. Obviously, the difference is huge. “What it's costing us monthly currently for charging is basically what we've been spending in three days on fuel in a gas car,” said Feener to CBC (via Drive Tesla).

In addition, it turned out that the Model 3 can work a full two shifts before it needs to be recharged. “It's actually performing better than what we were expecting. I can tell you that with all the emergency equipment electronics in it, it's going a full couple of shifts, basically, before it needs to be recharged,” the Chief said. However, the officers using the car are enforcing traffic rules, which does not mean a lot of miles traveled during the shift, but the car is idling a lot, which means that it constantly uses battery power. At the same time, idling is environmentally friendly, and does not pollute the environment, unlike with gasoline cars.

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