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Tesla Model 3 Ranked Greenest EV in US, Not Yet Considering Model Y with Structural Battery Pack

Tesla Model 3 Ranked Greenest EV in US, Not Yet Considering Model Y with Structural Battery Pack

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Tesla Model 3 is ranked the greenest EV in the US according to Bloomberg Green's Electric Car Ratings. However, the rating did not take into account Model Y with a structural battery pack and 4680 cells, which will be a real game-changer.

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range topped Bloomberg Green's electric vehicle rankings this year as the greenest electric vehicle available in the United States. The car scored 74.2 out of 100, surpassing its nearest competitor, Lucid Air, with 70.5 points.

The rating, which includes a total of 34 electric vehicles, is based on the green rating for each model. 70% of the score is driving economy, and 30% is battery size. The calculation methodology, which is available here, includes the following indicators:

  • Miles of range as determined by the EPA
  • Curb weight in pounds
  • Economy benchmark of 0.09691, which is 10% more efficient than the most efficient vehicle to allow room for improved new vehicles
  • 0.7 This is the weighting; on average 70% of an EV's carbon footprint comes from its driving, according to MIT research
  • Battery size benchmark of 29.34, which is 10% smaller than the smallest EV battery on the market to allow room for new vehicles
  • Battery size measured in kWh
  • 0.3 This is the weighting; on average 30% of an EV’s carbon footprint comes from its manufacturing, most critically the construction of the battery
  • 100 establishes the range, from 0–100

All Tesla vehicles also made it into the top 10, underscoring that the manufacturer is a true specialist in the field, capable of making all of its vehicles the greenest. Tesla Model S is in third place with 68.2 points, its Plaid version scoring 68.9 points. Tesla Model Y Long Range is in fifth place with 65.1 points. It's worth bearing in mind that Bloomberg Green has only evaluated the Long Range variant and has not yet had access to the Giga Texas-made Model Y. The Austin vehicles are equipped with 4680 battery cells wrapped in a structural battery pack, which directly impacts the performance of the vehicle. As one of the examples, the Giga Texas-made Model Y has less weight. Model X is in ninth place with 57.3 points.

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