Tesla Model 3 Saves Owner’s Life in Collision with SUV, Confirming Five-Star Safety Rating

Tesla Model 3 Saves Owner’s Life in Collision with SUV, Confirming Five-Star Safety Rating

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Tesla Model 3 saved its owner's life in a collision with an SUV, confirming its five-star safety rating. The accident occurred in a blind left turn scenario, whereby there was no chance to avoid a collision with a drunk driver who turned into oncoming traffic.

Tesla Model 3 owner @TeslaShawn/Twitter shared with Tesmanian the story of how his car saved his life in a head-on collision with an SUV. Looking through the photos from the scene of the accident, it becomes clear that its consequences could be tragic if @TeslaShawn was not in a Tesla, which has really huge crumple zones in front.

The crash victim recalls that he was driving down a road on the outskirts of the city in Sacramento, California that day, and made a turn around a blind corner. Just a second before the collision, @TeslaShawn noticed another car that swerved around the corner and straight into his Model 3. He revealed that he has a professional driver's license with all endorsements and can drive any type of vehicle on the road, but at that moment he had no time to do anything or even prepare for the crash. @TeslaShawn put it this way: "Coming up to a blind corner and suddenly I get one frame like a movie of a car 10 feet in front of me at a high rate of speed."

A Honda Element SUV driven by a drunk woman crashed into his car at high speed. As a result of the head-on collision, the entire front of the Model 3 was smashed, which would certainly have led to tragic consequences if it were a different car. The fact that Tesla vehicles have a lot of space in the front of the car allows for very large crumple zone that absorbs the force of an impact. The absence of a bulky engine saves front seat passengers from the risk of being injured, severely injured, or worse in the event of an accident, which often happens in ICE cars.

As a result of the accident, @TeslaShawn suffered severe hip bruising and a broken wrist, however there were no life-threatening injuries. The fate of the Honda driver remains unknown, but her car was badly damaged.

This crash validates the Model 3's 5-star safety rating. Tesla's affordable sedan received 5-star safety ratings from multiple organizations, like the NHTSA, IIHS, and Euro NCAP. This allowed the vehicle to impress safety agencies across several parts of the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia. The constant painstaking work of Tesla has amazing results because the safety of its car passengers and other road users is a priority.

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