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Tesla Model 3 Saves Life of a Blacked Out Driver

Tesla Model 3 Saves Life of a Blacked Out Driver

Image: @Tesla_ACE1/Twitter

Tesla Model 3 saved the life of a blacked out driver. Having left the road at a speed of 80 miles per hour and having demolished large sections of the guard rails, he was able to get away without a single scratch.

Some of us sometimes can find ourselves in unexpected situations that can threaten our health and life. In September 2021, @Tesla_ACE1/Twitter driving his 7-month-old Tesla Model 3 blacked out while driving. At this point, the car was driven at 80 mph, and the autosteer was disengaged as the owner shifted to the fast lane. However, after the driver passed out, the Model 3 veered off the road and continued on its way, knocking out large sections of the guard rails that had been there in its path. Luckily, the car that was not driven by anyone did not hit other cars, so there were no other victims.

Other road users stopped to help @Tesla_ACE1. In addition, an ambulance was driving behind his car and saw the whole accident, so the doctors were on the spot immediately. They took the driver to the hospital, where it turned out that he had no physical injuries which is a direct merit of the Model 3, designed for protection. @Tesla_ACE1 decided to share his story in order to thank Tesla for saving his life and to emphasize that the manufacturer's cars are the safest. He said that he and his wife would now never choose to drive a car other than a Tesla.

The result of this accident once again confirms the Model 3's 5-star safety rating. Tesla's sedan received 5-star safety ratings from multiple organizations, like the NHTSA, IIHS, Euro NCAP and ANCAP. This allowed the vehicle to impress safety agencies across several parts of the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia. The constant, painstaking work of Tesla has amazing results because the safety of its car passengers and other road users is a top priority.

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