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Tesla Model 3 Saves Woman's Life in Major Collision

Tesla Model 3 Saves Woman's Life in Major Collision

Photo: u/offthegridinorlando/Reddit

Tesla Model 3 saved a woman's life after being in a major collision. Despite minor injuries, she said she felt like "was in a marshmallow when the impact happened."

Unfortunately, cars are an unsafe form of transport, and road accidents around the world occur every day. This is why it is so important for automakers to design their vehicles prioritizing the utmost protection of passengers. Tesla designs its cars primarily with safety in mind, which is confirmed by its highest ratings in crash tests, which have also been repeatedly proven in the real world.

u/offthegridinorlando/Reddit shared a photo of his wife's Model 3 after a recent collision. According to his story, his wife was driving at a green traffic light when another vehicle crashed into her car, driven by a person who was distracted by texting. The distracted driver ran a red light and slammed into the Model 3 in its front right section, and yet the Tesla barely moved from the impact. However, the other car made two 360-degree turns.
"Wife was driving straight through a green light and a girl texting ran a red on her right and hit her front right passenger side. The Tesla didn't move but the other car did two 360s and crashed into a pole, everyone sore and banged up a little bit ok."

It is remarkable that the Model 3 not only saved the driver from serious injury, but also did so with great care. The author's wife reflected on how safe the care made her feel: "She said she felt like she was in a marshmallow when the impact happened", wrote u/offthegridinorlando.

The NHTSA gave Tesla Model 3 a 5-star rating in rollover, side crash, and frontal crash tests. The safety of Model 3, like all cars of the company, is a matter of pride. Safety is the most important part of the overall Model 3 design. The metal structure is a combination of aluminum and steel, for maximum strength in every area.

The constant, painstaking work of Tesla has amazing results because the safety of passengers and other road users is a top priority. It is Tesla who cares about this safety and is constantly developing and improving various systems that prevent the occurrence of crashes—since the safest car is the one that avoids accidents altogether.

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