Tesla Model 3 SR+ Has Lowest Energy Consumption of All BEVs, Says Report

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 15, 2020

Tesla Model 3 SR+ Has Lowest Energy Consumption of All BEVs, Says Report

Featured image: Motor1.com

Energy consumption of electric vehicles is a very important characteristic since it directly impacts how many miles an EV can actually drive. Electric vehicles from different manufacturers have different energy consumption, so it is very important to understand which one is the best choice. Tesla Model 3 is the BEV with the lowest power consumption according to the Motor1.com test.

Motor1.com put Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus energy to a consumption test at 64-79 °F. The results were surprising because Model 3 had a consumption of up to 11.90 kWh/60 miles, a record for any BEV tested by Motor1.com.

The Hyundai Kona Electric came in 2nd place with 12.0 kWh/60 miles, the old Renault Zoe with 12.7 kWh/60 miles was 3rd, and the Nissan Leaf 40 kWh had 13.1 kWh/60 miles, coming in 4th.

Source: Motor1.com

Tesla Model 3 has become a leader in all driving conditions.

  • City traffic (Rome): 15.0 kWh/60 miles, range 205 miles
  • Mixed urban/suburban: 14.0 kWh/60 miles, range 221 miles
  • Motorway: 19.2 kWh/60 miles, range 162 miles
  • Energy-saving test: 9.2 kWh/60, power reserve 336 miles

The test cars were always driven by the same Motor1.com Italy journalist. The route was always the same, Rome-Forlì, and is about 224 miles long. The route  includes 65% Superstrada (expressway, speed limit 56 to 68 mph), 25% Autostrada (motorway, speed limit 81 mph), 5% Strada Statale (federal road, speed limit 56 mph), and 5% of city traffic.

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