Tesla Model 3 Became 1st Place of April New Car Registrations in UK

Tesla Model 3 Became 1st Place of April New Car Registrations in UK

The Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car in April 2020 in UK.

According to Auto Express, in April, residents of the UK registered 658 units of the Tesla Model 3, which made it the best-selling car in the country. The car of the American automaker was ahead of the Jaguar I-Pace and the popular Vauxhall Corsa, which took second and third places respectively.

Jaguar I-Pace registered 367 cars, which means that the first two places in the UK were occupied by luxury electric cars. While Vauxhall Corsas delivered 264 units.

April was the hardest month for the UK auto market since the post-war era. But, in an epidemic, Tesla was able to provide contactless delivery to its customers, which made this success possible.

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For several years, Tesla delivered a large number of its cars directly to customers - but with the closure of retail stores on March 24, in accordance with government regulations, the company switched to contactless deliveries in customers' homes or in their delivery centers, while many other automakers had to suspend operations in UK. All transactions were processed online. During the crisis, Tesla also provided contactless services.

Auto Express reader and new Model 3 owner Denis Chick told:

“It was the most seamless, no drama purchase I've ever made. From order to virtual delivery in 6 weeks. I didn't think I would see the car for months.

Everything was done online and an email included a confirmation of delivery document for my signature on the day. This was followed up by a phone call asking if I had any queries about the handover and wishing me a happy future in my Model 3, from an employee calling from home, in Amsterdam! ...It was totally painless, friendly, professional and quick - it’s definitely the future!”

Earlier, in the first quarter of 2020, according to Auto Express,  Tesla Model 3 was the best car recommended for purchase.

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