Tesla Model 3 Used By Private Medical Company in Germany as Ambulance

Tesla Model 3 Used By Private Medical Company in Germany as Ambulance

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Tesla Model 3 has already proven itself well as a taxi, police car, and even a fire vehicle. Model 3 is now part of a medical company's fleet, which, among other things, uses it to transport organs.

Tesla vehicles are increasingly used as official vehicles for important structures such as the police and fire departments. It was also previously known that several Model 3s were in use in Germany by a nursing service company. It has become known now that Model S and Model 3 are used in the rescue operations of the RKT Rettungsdienst OHG, as a command and control vehicle, as well as for the transport of human organs.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range has been used as an ambulance since 2019, Gökhan Altncik, the partner of the company told Teslamag. He also said that the car is used by RKT together with the already existing Tesla Model S, and during this period, has proven to be the best. Thanks to its successful track record, the company is considering adding even more Tesla vehicles to its fleet.

Rescue services company RKT uses Model 3 for a variety of tasks. One of the most important tasks for which it is used is the transportation of human organs, which must be carried out at a very high speed and maximum safety. With a 0-60 mph acceleration in just 4.2 seconds, Model 3 is particularly fast and agile when compared to other vehicles. This is what allows the car to perfectly cope with the task at hand.

The RKT Model 3 received the necessary upgrades from a specialized equipment supplier who has installed all the important accessories and is considered an official ambulance. Equipped in this way, Tesla meets the requirements for ambulances in Germany and is officially listed as a rescue vehicle.

In addition to impressive features that help the team quickly arrive at incident sites and transport organs, Model 3 has significant economic advantages. Maintenance costs and charging costs result in savings of thousands of euros and the vehicle does not pollute the environment during operation.

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