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Tesla Model 3 Wins 2020 UK Car of the Year

Tesla Model 3 Wins 2020 UK Car of the Year

The Tesla Model 3 was recognized as the 2020 UK Car of the Year.

As UKCOTY reported, in February, a group of 29 jurors of the British COTY selected winners in various categories among 69 applicants. As a result, from this number, 9 best cars were selected that received the corresponding titles.

  • Supermini: Renault Clio
  • Small Hatch: Mazda3
  • Executive: Tesla Model 3
  • Luxury: Bentley Flying Spur
  • Estate: BMW 3-Series
  • Crossover: Kia e-Niro
  • Premium Crossover: Range Rover Evoque
  • Cabriolet: Porsche 911
  • Performance: Porsche Taycan

After winning the Best Executive car nomination, Model 3 continued to compete with 8 cars for the 2020 UK Car of the Year title.

Game-changer is an often-overused phrase, but the Tesla Model 3 has shaken up the executive segment and got many brands thinking. Electric vehicles attract a broad spectrum of opinions, but it’s clear that with its technology, performance and range, the Model 3 is converting a lot of people,” commented John Challen, director of the UK Car of the Year Awards.

Several members of the jury commented on Model 3.

Top Gear’s Tom Ford noted: “Clean, crisp and technological inside, the Model 3 drives and performs like we think EVs should. Makes others in the sector feel stuffy and awkward.

Top Gear’s Tom Ford said Tesla was “the most important car in a generation because it sets the standard for what electric cars should be: affordable, aspirational, fun and very cool.

Judge Chris Knapman from CarGurus commented: “The Model 3 is thoughtfully packaged, brilliant to drive, and packed with features that make for not only a great car but an exciting ownership experience.

Paul Barker, from Company Car Today, acknowledged the Model 3 “genuinely moves the game on in terms of electric vehicle affordability and desirability”, while freelancer Guy Bird concluded: “No other car shakes up the segment so thoroughly, from powertrain to interior innovation .

A representative of Tesla UK said: “A huge thank you to all the UK Car of the Year judges for choosing Model 3 as well as all of our UK owners. We are proud of what this car has achieved so far and with the upcoming 0% company car tax there is an exciting year ahead for EVs in the UK."

Source: UKCOTY

Once again, electric cars compete with gas powered cars and once again the EV takes their victory. Three of the nine finalists were electric vehicles. The jury positively evaluated the latest advances in technology, 21 out of 29 votes were cast for battery powered vehicles.

Each judge used his experience to select the best performer in nine vehicle categories before determining the overall winner from among his favorites in each class.

And next week, 2020 European Car Of The Year will be selected. Tesla Model 3 is among 7 applicants for this title. We will follow this up to keep you up to date.


Featured image: UKCOTY

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