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Tesla Model 3 with LFP Batteries Get a Big Boost in Charging Speed via OTA Update

Tesla Model 3 with LFP Batteries Get a Big Boost in Charging Speed via OTA Update

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Tesla Model 3 with LFP batteries manufactured and shipped from China are getting a significant boost in charging speed via OTA update. In addition to increasing the charging speed, cars can also maintain high charging speeds for longer periods than the American-made Model 3.

In November 2020, the first batch of Tesla Model 3 SR+ cars manufactured by Giga Shanghai were delivered to European customers. However, owners reported that LFP batteries had low charging power and several other drawbacks that made the vehicle difficult to use. Tesla was quick to fix this and recently released a new software update, 2021.4.10, for cars made in China, which saw significant improvements.

"The car has taken a big step forward," Nextmove managing director Stefan Moeller said in a new YouTube video. The Chinese-made Model 3 was charged with a fast charger from Ionity from 0% charge after installing the update.

The peak value was set to 168 kW, after which the charging power dropped by about 17 percent to 130 kW. The battery was half charged in about 15 minutes, and 80 percent was reached in just over half an hour. A full charge was reached in approximately 55 minutes. The battery level indicator now works correctly too.

The battery had a temperature of 40 °C (104 °F) before charging, partly due to preconditioning and partly due to fast driving on the motorway. It was 19 degrees outside. In the early Nextmove tests of made-in-China Tesla Model 3 SR + cars before the update, the outside temperature was lower, but the battery temperature was the same.

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