Tesla Model 3s Join Taxi Fleet in Sharjah, UAE

Tesla Model 3s Join Taxi Fleet in Sharjah, UAE

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Tesla Model 3s have joined a taxi fleet in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The launch of Tesla vehicles comes within the framework of the green economy initiative there.

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) has added 10 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles to the emirate's taxi fleet. These are to be deployed for use by two companies, Etihad and Medina Taxi, in support of their green refleeting program, according to Gulf News (via Tesla North). Tesla cars have been selected as the best in the segment.

SRTA said it is working to progressively increase the number of environmentally friendly vehicles that operate without emissions. This endeavor is in line with the principle of renewable energy. Dr. Engineer Yousif Khamis Mohamed Alathmane, Head of the SRTA, said the launch of Tesla EVs comes under the Green Economy Initiative for Sustainable Development, in order to promote environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

Alathmane said that the deployment of Tesla Model 3 vehicles represents an important environmentally friendly solution. The use of electric vehicles plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions, reducing fuel consumption, noise, maintenance costs, and mechanical breakdowns.

At the moment, there are four companies operating in the emirate of Sharjah, which have more than 3,700 taxis on the roads. Each company's vehicles travel over 7 million kilometers with a fuel consumption of 122,100 liters per fleet. This results in an annual production of tons of carbon emissions. This has motivated SRTA to strive for global green transport practices by sharing international experiences and learning from international best practices to improve service to the public and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The use of Tesla cars for the taxi fleet is an important step towards achieving the set goals.

“To promote sustainable transportation using renewable energy, the Authority has launched 10 Tesla 3 vehicles within the taxi fleet, seeking to apply the highest global practices towards sustainable transportation to improve the level of services and achieve customer satisfaction.”

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