Tesla Model S Patrol Car Cheaper & More Efficient than Ford ICE Counterpart Study Finds, Fremont PD to Expand EV Fleet

Tesla Model S Patrol Car Cheaper & More Efficient than Ford ICE Counterpart Study Finds, Fremont PD to Expand EV Fleet

Image credit: Fremont Police Department

Recently, the Fremont Police Department (FPD) released the results of pilot programs for electric patrol vehicles, which showed that the Tesla Model S is economically advantageous over its gasoline counterparts.

FPD tested a Tesla Model S 85, adapted for patrol operations from March 2019 to March 2020. According to the results, Model S exceeded performance and operational goals. The vehicle has withstood the harsh conditions of police use. In addition, the Model S required only minor maintenance and became very cost-effective in terms of overall vehicle cost, maintenance, and fuel economy compared to gasoline counterparts.

Source: Fremont Police Department

In addition to being financially beneficial, the Tesla Model S 85 has demonstrated the effectiveness of electric vehicles in helping the City of Fremont meet its goals of reducing 2005 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, and achieving long-term carbon neutrality by 2045.

According to calculations, Tesla's average annual maintenance and repair costs are expected to decline over time as more data becomes available and the sample period increases, with a roughly 50% reduction (approximately $2,910).

Reduced maintenance requirements for electric vehicles are also likely to result in a longer lifespan of more than five years (the expected lifespan of patrol vehicles). This in turn will likely lead to yet additional cost savings for the Fremont Police Department.

“With an average of 27 fewer days of downtime per year, a savings of $2,147 in the total annual cost of energy/fuel, maintenance, and repair, and no operational carbon dioxide emissions, the pilot program results have prompted Fremont PD to move forward with plans to expand its fleet of electric patrol vehicle alternatives,” said Fremont Police Captain Sean Washington.

The report also says:

"Comprehensive TCO calculations derived from the 388 City vehicles studied in the City of Fremont Municipal Fleet Electrification Study from May 2020 indicated EV replacement results in $3,156,000 of savings to the City over the next 20 years, with $2,457,000 of these savings directly related to Police vehicle replacement."

Source: Fremont Police Department

In addition to Model S, FPD also acquired the 2020 Model Y. The vehicle has many advantages over the Tesla Model S 85: a lower starting price, an increased range of over 300 miles, more rear cargo volume and storage space for police equipment, and a higher ground clearance allowing the vehicle to traverse over various types of terrain.

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