Tesla Model S & Model 3 Selected as the Official Mayoral Vehicles of Düsseldorf, Germany

Tesla Model S & Model 3 Selected as the Official Mayoral Vehicles of Düsseldorf, Germany

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Thanks to its excellent cars that do not pollute the environment, as well as its presence in Germany, Tesla is increasingly capturing the hearts of Germans. Two Tesla vehicles have been selected as official vehicles for the mayor and lord mayor of Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf has set ambitious goals for itself and aims to become climate neutral by 2035. As part of the city's efforts, local authorities are trying to create an environmentally conscious city vehicle fleet. Now two Teslas will become the official transport of its official representatives.

Lord Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller strives to become an example for others, so he chose the all-electric Tesla Model S for himself. Thanks to its long range, which is a third higher than that of comparable models from other manufacturers, the car can be used not only for driving in the city but throughout Germany, according to a press release. The authorities note that the ability to charge the Model S to travel 133 miles (214 kilometers) in just 15 minutes is also a big advantage.

According to local laws, the mayor's official car is not bought but rented out for three years. Private travel will be subject to private tax. Due to the highest demand for the recently refreshed Model S, delivery is expected in the fall of 2021.

"In addition to promoting local public transport and cycling, the switch to alternative drive systems is a key to better air quality in our city. We as the city administration should therefore set a good example here and clearly define the proportion of our vehicles with, for example, electric and hydrogen drives and promote the expansion of the charging infrastructure," said Keller.

In addition to Lord Mayor's Tesla Model S, the city's fleet will receive another all-electric vehicle from the American manufacturer. Düsseldorf Mayor Clara Gerlach has chosen Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, which will be delivered in early summer.

Of the 583 company vehicles in the state capital Düsseldorf, 81 are currently electrically powered. According to the company's plan, the introduction of alternative energy vehicles and the construction of charging infrastructure will accelerate in the near future.

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