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Tesla Model S Performance Raven Beats 348 EPA Rating In Long-Distance Test Drive

by Ma. Claribelle Deveza June 03, 2020


Featured Image Credit: Sean Mitchell/YouTube

A Tesla Model S Performance Raven has managed to beat its 348-mile EPA rating in a long-distance test drive. Considering that the test was conducted in real-world conditions and the vehicle was traveling at the speed limit, it appe ars that Tesla's listed range estimates on its official website are more than accurate.

Last year, Tesla released a rather significant upgrade to its flagship Model S and Model X line. Dubbed internally as the "Raven" updates, the changes included more efficient front motors and a revamped suspension, which helped the vehicles achieve more range than their predecessors. They also placed the Model S and Model X well above their competitors such as the Porsche Taycan and the Audi e-tron in terms of range.

Unfortunately, a notable amount of criticism has emerged alleging that Tesla is overestimating its vehicles' range, and that the company's EPA rated listings on its website were false. This is one of the key reasons behind a recent test from electric vehicle veteran Sean Mitchell. If a Model S Performance could achieve Tesla's rated 348-mile range, then the electric car maker's claims were accurate. 

To accomplish this, Mitchell opted to charge the Model S' 100 kWh battery to 100%. Starting from a Supercharger in the Denver Airport, the Tesla veteran drove all the way to the Kansas border, which happens to be at the halfway mark of the Model S' rated range. If the company's range estimates were true, the flagship sedan should have just enough battery left to return to the Denver Airport Supercharger.

The route involved a change of elevation of about 2,000 feet, and it also involved long highway routes. Speed limits varied between 65 and 75 mph, which pretty much reflects real-world driving. And with these in mind, the Model S Performance's long-range test began.

Reflecting upon the results of the test, Mitchell stated that the Raven Model S Performance actually crushed its EPA estimate. By the time the flagship sedan completed the five-hour run, it still had 17 miles worth of range. Overall, the entire test covered 336 miles in real-world conditions. This, plus the remaining 17 miles on the Model S, meant that the vehicle is actually capable of running 353 miles per charge.

The results of the long distance test drive are quite impressive since the Model S Performance is a vehicle that's not necessarily built for maximum efficiency. Tesla's ace in terms of efficiency is the Model S Long Range AWD, which has a nearly 400-mile EPA range. But despite this, it appears that even Tesla's Performance line are great vehicles for long distance travel.

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