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Tesla Model S Pikes Peak Racer Wants New Record In Model 3 Performance

by Claribelle Deveza February 23, 2020


Tesla Model S Pikes Peak racer Blake Fuller is looking to set a new record in the legendary hill climb event with a Model 3 Performance. If Fuller is able to accomplish this target, it may establish the Model 3 as the vehicle of choice for notable motorsports events such ashill climb races. 

Tesla enthusiasts Zac and Jesse of the Now You Know YouTube channel recently touched base with professional racer Blake Fuller, who has extensive racing experience. Fuller is no ordinary racer. He also holds the distinction for being the driver of a Tesla Model S P90D that set the hill climb record for production EVs at Pikes Peak in 2016, beating the previous record by a full minute. Even more impressive was the fact that the Model S P90D was nearly stock, with the vehicle's primary modification being its stripped interior. 

During his Now You Know interview, Fuller discussed his insights on electric cars, his experience with his hill-climbing Model S, and how he hopes to take on his own record with a smaller, more nimbler Model 3 Performance. 

Fuller is no stranger to battery tech, being the founder of Braille Battery, a company that supplies the batteries for IndyCars today. His interest in batteries was sparked partly by the need for a lightweight, race-optimized packs. This was back in the early 2000s, a time when high-performance electric vehicles were not in the mainstream yet.

The idea for racing a Tesla up Pikes Peak started in 2012, though it took until 2016 to get the whole attempt ready. Fuller opted to use a Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode for the event, partly due to the vehicle's raw power. The task was not easy, considering that there was barely any racing program specifically designed for electric cars like the Model S, both in terms of performance and safety. All this effort ultimately bore fruit in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2016, when the P90D climbed the treacherous course in 11:48. 

The Tesla Model S P90D's record for production EVs in Pikes Peak remains unbeaten till today. For Fuller, 2020 could be the year to attempt another record at the hill climb course using a Tesla Model 3 Performance, a vehicle that's actually track-capable and incredibly nimble around the corners. Non-professional Tesla owners have taken the Model 3 to new heights with modifications such as the Ascension R racing package. A former rally champion has also lauded the Model 3 for having the potential to be a viable off-track car, mainly due to its maneuverability, stability, and raw power. 

It is now up to Fuller to acquire a Model 3 Performance for this year's Pikes Peak Hill Climb record attempt. If the professional driver could acquire a vehicle and get it ready in time for the event, Pikes Peak may have another record-breaking run for production EVs this year. 

Featured Image Credit: Now You Know/YouTube

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